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Worship Style

Gathering for worship is an important event for the Christian community. Since the days of Jesus, his followers have been gathering in homes, churches and public places to worship God and reflect on his teachings. Our congretation gathers regularly for worship to receive the gifts of God's word and His sacraments of grace so that we may go into the world sharing His message of love, hope, and healing.

In the Lutheran Church, we celebrate the generosity of God by gathering together regularly to worship Him and to receive His gifts of grace.  While the Bible does not prescribe a specific style of worship - that is, contemporary or traditional - it does guide us to worship reverently and humbly as we enter into the very presence of God. 

At Faith Ev. Lutheran we follow a vintage liturgical pattern of worship which we view as a dialogue between God and His people.  Our musical style varies: sometimes we worship using a traditional organ; at other times the piano or other insturments are involved.  Our choice of music and instruments celebrates the gifts of art, creativity and talent given by God to his people.

Please join us in celebration and worship.